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SpellPrints Features

SpellPrints is making a platform for creators to build and monetize generative AI-powered applications. Platform provides access to over 1,000 AI models, UI elements, payments, and a prompt chaining interface, making it easy for prompt engineers to transform their know-how into a business.

  • No Code: Without writing any code, the creator can turn prompts or AI models into monetizable applications that can be distributed via UI, API, and SpellPrints marketplace. We’re creating both a platform to develop these apps and a marketplace for users to find and use them.
  • Creator Pay: Creators earn money by setting a price for each use of their AI app. Users pay to access and use the app, and creators receive a share of the revenue generated. In exchange for using the platform, Creators agree to give SpellPrints a 20% sales commission on all app sales. Additionally, Creators are responsible for covering any associated costs for running AI models. The creator receives the remaining revenue after these deductions.

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