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Publer AI Assist

Publer AI Assist

$ 12/mo
Unleash the Power of AI on Your Social Media Management with AI Assist by Publer.

Publer AI Assist is an AI-powered social media management tool designed to streamline content creation and scheduling. Key features and advantages include:

  • Content generation: Utilizes advanced algorithms to create unique and relevant content tailored to users’ needs
  • Efficient scheduling: Schedule up to 500 posts using CSV files or other bulk options, and recycle top-performing content
  • Collaboration: Work with team members to manage multiple brands and organize upcoming social media posts
  • Analytics: Collect social media analytics and export PDF reports for performance insights
  • Visual content: Design and preview social media posts in real-time, and organize all visual content

Use cases for Publer AI Assist cater to various individuals and businesses:

  • Businesses and influencers seeking to optimize their social media presence
  • Bloggers and content creators looking to efficiently schedule and manage their social media posts
  • Marketing teams aiming to collaborate and analyze performance metrics for improved strategies

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