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Train ML models easily with Lobe

Lobe Features

Lobe is a free, user-friendly app designed to help users train custom machine learning models for various applications. Key features and advantages include:

  • Simplified process: Train models in three easy steps – collect and label images, train your model, and use your model
  • Automatic architecture selection: Lobe selects the right machine learning architecture for your project
  • No-code solution: Train models without any coding or prior experience required
  • Export options: Export your model to industry standard formats and use it on any platform

Use cases for Lobe are suitable for various individuals:

  • Developers looking to integrate custom machine learning models into their apps
  • Businesses aiming to leverage machine learning for specific use cases
  • Individuals interested in learning and experimenting with machine learning models

Overall, Lobe offers a convenient and accessible solution for training custom machine learning models with ease.

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