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Generate and maintain end-to-end tests using AI.

Checksum Features

Checksum simplifies the test generation process for developers and QA professionals, helping them achieve better test coverage for their web applications. By utilizing real user sessions and machine learning, our software writes end-to-end tests based on actual user flows and behavior.

Key Features:

  1. AI-powered test generation: Improve test coverage with tests based on real user interactions.
  2. Compatibility with popular frameworks: Generate tests for Playwright and Cypress frameworks.
  3. Continuous test maintenance: Keep your tests up-to-date as your application evolves.

Use Cases:

• Enhance test coverage for web applications.

• Streamline test generation and maintenance processes.

• Improve software quality and reduce errors.

With Checksum, developers and QA professionals can effortlessly generate and maintain end-to-end tests using AI, ensuring a higher quality web app experience for users.

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