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Brandwise AI

Brandwise AI

$ 20/month
Hide brand-damaging remarks on social media automatically.

Meet your AI-powered brand manager: Brandwise

Brandwise is an AI-powered tool that helps protect your brand by automatically hiding brand-damaging, hateful, racist comments, and spam from your social media posts and ads.


  • 24/7 protection across paid and organic social media
  • Sentiment Analysis to automatically hide harmful comments from your posts and ads
  • Discreet hiding of damaging comments, visible only to the person who posted them
  • Customizable keyword filtering to remove specific content when detected
  • Respond to Comments feature that flags comments requiring a response and allows easy replying in the dashboard
  • Multi-lingual moderation covering 95 different languages
  • Team Accounts to set up unlimited user accounts under your organization for easy access

Use cases for Brandwise involve improving social media ad performance and protecting your brand’s reputation:

  • Improve ad performance and conversion rates by removing negative comments
  • Respond to customer inquiries promptly and efficiently
  • Protect your brand’s reputation by hiding negative comments and addressing customer concerns

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